Ecuador’s Fine Ecovia Riders Slice Bag

We were warned. A very busy rapid transit bus leads to trouble…and the tale is true. About a week and a half ago, we were crammed in like sardines in the ‘not so rosy-smelling’ bus. I was distracted by one girl, while the other started slicing open my bag – while I was holding on to it, I might add! I had a feeling something was ‘a-miss’ and moved away from the girls to surprisingly find a sawed-open bag. After looking around upon my discovery, the girls were no where to be found. Luckily, nothing was taken. I moved away just in time.

sliced bag Quito

A sad bag...gone to baggie heaven.

A lesson well-learned. A new bag is being used and new prevention tactics have been implemented. All is well again in Quito.

I’m a marketer, not a mark,

2 thoughts on “Ecuador’s Fine Ecovia Riders Slice Bag

  1. Cool story Shawna! I remember hearing how my Grandad would duct tape his wallet to his chest whenever he was in Mexico and thinking how ridiculous he was. As well, to recap, your Ecuador experience has entailed a “Sad, sad toilet” and a “Sad Bag that has gone to baggie heaven.” Keep the stories coming miss you guys,


    • Ha ha!!! We need to tell more positive stories! We have a lot to say about last weekend – it’s coming up next! I started the draft yesterday, but haven’t had time to finish it yet. Stay tuned and thanks for commenting, Drew!

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