Swimming with sharks

We have lots to post about Galapagos, but we wanted to start off with a short post first – mainly because I still need to resize all of our 1000+ photos. Overall, it was an amazing experience especially since animals are not afraid of anyone or don’t care about people being around…including sharks. Check out the video link below. It’s a little shaky at first, but stick with it. Our guide Fausto captured this ‘little guy’ while on one of our snorkels….

More to Galapagos adventures to come….

One thought on “Swimming with sharks

  1. Black-tipped reef shark?
    Julie ran smack into a shark – bumped faces! – while we were snorkelling in a cover near Puerto Ayora.
    Unfortunately our diving trip to see hammerheads didn’t pan out – poor visibility underwater.
    But I’m excited that you got to see one so close!

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