Hey Quito, what’s up? No I don’t speak Spanish.

We landed in Quito late last night under the cover of dark.  I guess it was the old airport because it was a clusterfrak, but on the bright side, all of our luggage made it safely, and we didn’t get automagically selected for customs screening.

Finding our ride to the apartment was easy.  A tiny old man with a sign bearing Shawna’s name was the sign that we were almost home.  Unfortunately our driver had no idea where the apartment was.  We insisted that we had no idea what he was saying, let alone where the apartment was.  I assume he replied with the same.

He was persistent though. He asked a bunch of security gaurds in the general area, at one point dissappearing around a corner, leaving us in the rickety van with our Russian van mates, and came sprinting back around the corner.  I thought for sure he had just got mugged, but luckily, he was just pumped that he found our place.

The apartment is awesome, even though it’s dry – as in no water – but that’s apparently being fixed today.

Anyways, we just had some awesome lunch; a sandwich with fresh mango smoothie, and  amazing coffee so I’m starting to feel a bit more human.   Shawna’s just going through her orientation right now, and we’ve got Spanish classes scheduled for bright and early Monday morning.

If we can survive the weekend, I think we’ll do just fine.

Mike out.