Galapagos Islands

It is true what other’s say, the Galapagos Islands are amazing. When you get off the plane, the fresh, hot and humid air hits you instantly. The seal lions, iguanas and blue-footed boobies are plentiful and found on many islands. I couldn’t believe how close we were to the animals and how indifferent they were to us. It was truly an experience like no other.  We spent an exquisite eight days in Galapagos from March 6-13, sailing/cruising on the Samba boat with our very knowledgeable, professional and outgoing guide, Fausto Rodriguez. This was also the place where we ate some of the best food of our trip. A big kudos to the SAMBA chef! We snorkelled and hiked every day, met a fantastic group of people (14 of us visitors in total), and visited ten different islands. Since eight days is a lot to cover in one blog, I’m going to break it down by day, giving you the brief itinerary, then a few pics of the day. Alright, here it goes…day one….

March 6 (Tuesday) – Galapagos- Santa Cruz Island
-Flew in from Quito and arrived around 11:30 a.m.
-Had a small tour of the “twins”- they are volcanic sink holes
-Went to a farm, had lunch and saw tortoises and birds living in the wild
-Walked around Charles Darwin Research Centre and the town of Santa Cruz
-Dinner on the boat at 7pm, a delicious fish meal.

Pictures of the day…

Wild tortoise munching on the vegetation

Turtles at Charles Darwin Centre

Colourful iguana at Charles Darwin Centre

Lonesome George - hiding on us at Charles Darwin Centre

Crazy cactus

March 7 (Wednesday) – Floreana Island
-Up at 6:30, breakfast at 7am
-8:45- Snorkeling – saw thousands of fish and many sea lions
-10:45 – Visit to Punta Cormorant – walked along a gorgeous beach with the softest sand! Saw sting-rays, crabs and iguanas.
-12:00 – Lunch
-3:00 p.m.- Visit to ‘Post Office’ and around islands with sea lions. We also saw boobies, iguanas, crabs, birds (red neck).
-The ‘Post Office’ is a place on the island where people write a post card to themselves or someone they know, then they stick it in a box. While you’re there, you have to find a postcard from someone from your city and hand-deliver it to them. What an interesting idea! Believe it or not, we actually found a post card from someone from Winnipeg so we will hand deliver it to them when we get back. Looking forward to seeing their reaction!
We addressed post cards as well, so maybe one day we’ll receive one back!
-Dinner at 7pm – Chicken, avocado and peas, beets, coleslaw, yuca

Pics of the day…

Our Samba boat

Mike on the beach during the hike

Do you see the sting-ray?

Sea crab

Post office box

Mike looking for sea creatures

View from the boat

Samba crew

March 8 (Thursday) – Punta Suares & Espanola Island
-Up at 6:00, breakfast at 6:30
-7:00 – Hiked around Punta Suares for a few hours –one sea lion didn’t want us to pass!
-Saw many sea lions, birds, iguanas and and nice spot where there was a water blow hole.
-Took at dip in the water next to the boat when we got back, then took a nap
-12:00 – Lunch
-Relaxed until snorkeling at 3pm – went to two differnt spots
-Very rocky today and windy.
-Went to ‘sea lion beach’ on Espanola – wow- so many of them! Took a nice swim.
-Spaghetti for dinner
-Card game with Ruth and Robbie – 10 diamonds
-Nice sleep because the water was calm.

Pics of the day…

Sexy iguana

Blue-footed boobie

Shawna and a sea lion

Crashing waves


Sea lion

Sea lion cuddle time

"One of these things is not like the other ones..."

Beautiful beach

The next five days are coming up…stay tuned…


Banos Waterfalls and River Rafting

It is taking a while to sort through the Galapagos pictures, but we wanted to send another update. We’re currently following around a group from Denmark of twenty 18-24 year-olds – taking photos, videos and blogging about them on my company’s website. It’s lots to keep up with everyday, so it’s tough to get to our own blog. However, I wanted to post these few fun pics of the last couple days. The first couple photos shows a trip we took to the beautiful waterfall of Cascada Del Diablo. The second set of photos shows us getting ready for the river rafting we went on today. I couldn’t resist including Mike’s photo! :) It was a wild ride on the river and a lot of fun! I didn’t even fall out of the raft!

At Cascada Del Diablo

Mike at the Cascada Del Diablo

Getting ready for the river rafting

Mike Fagundes, Superstar!