Galapagos – Part 2

Here are the highlights of the rest of our Galapagos trip:

March 9 (Friday) – ‘The Twins’ & San Cristobal
-Up at 6:30, breakfast at 7:00
-8:00 – explored San Cristobal; saw many iguanas, crabs, birds (yellow canaries) and some sea lions
-10:30 – snorkelled through the “twins” islands. These two islands are made of ash and used to be one island, but were eroded by water to form two. This adventure was the most amazing snorkelling. We saw a turtle, red/purple/blue/orange coral on the sides of the islands, many fish, and what we think was a hammerhead shark!
-LUNCH – sushi
-After lunch we got our hiking shoes on again and climbed (sometimes we needed our hands) to the beautiful views at (almost) the top the island. It was very hot that afternoon, but it was a wonderful hike of beautiful landscapes. We also saw red footed boobies for the first time!
-Dinner and playing cards with Ruth and Robbie from Edmonton.

Here are some highlights of the day:

Canary grabbing some breakfast

Sea lion

One of the many beautiful beaches

Happy hikers at San Cristobal

Red-footed boobie

Incredible landscape

March 10 (Saturday) – Santa Fe and South Plaza
-Up at 6:30 and breakfast at 7:00
-8:00- hiked around Sante Fe
-10:00- back on the boat and just relaxed for the rest of the morning, chatting with other passengers on the boat.
-Lunch – garlic pasta, shrimp, coleslaw, cauliflower frittata, beet-like dish, and chocolate moose for dessert.
-Nap time
-Hike on South Plaza – really interesting terrain – red and orange shrubs and lots of cacti – (and iguanas and sea lions of course!)
-Back to boat and travelled to next destination, Baltra channel
-Snorkeled at Baltra channel
-Dinner at 7pm- beef with pickles and olives – stewed- delicious!

Here are some highlights of the day…

Posing for a class photo?

View from Sante Fe

Fausto and the iguana on South Plaza

Group overlooking the water on South Plaza Island

The Samba just off the shore of South Plaza

Us on South Plaza

South Plaza

Sea lion

March 11 (Sunday) – James Island and Bartholeme Island
-Up at 6:30, breakfast at 7:00
-8:00- hike around James Island- walked on the 400 year old lava – really interesting photos- including the “spa” area which apparently is good for your back.
-10:15- snorkeling around James Island – we saw a shark and penguin! And other fish of course! It was really shallow where we were.
-2:00 – Snorkeling again – around Bartholeme. I didn’t go but Mike did. He saw new fish and a penguin shooting through the water! I listened to music and sat around the front deck.
-4:00 – Hiked up the boardwalk on Bartholeme. Amazing. One of the best spots for sure. Took lots of photos and on the way back we saw penguins and took a video of them!
-7:00- Dinner

Some highlights of the day…

James Island Lava Field

Lying on the Lava Field 'Spa'

Mike on the Lava Field - James Island

Lava shapes

Mike on Bartolome Island

Crazy cactus on Bartholome Island

Volcanic rock on Bartholome Island


Famous Bartholome View

Us at Bartholome Island

March 12 (Monday) – James Bay and Rabida Island
-Up at 6:30, breakfast at 7:00
-8:00- hike around James Bay. Saw fur seals, blue footed boobies, a molting crab
-10:45- snorkeling around James Island – we saw 7 white tipped sharks, a turtle and a few new fish
-2:00 – Hiked on Rabida Island. Red / purple beach sand. Saw a couple hawks. Sweltering heat.
-4:00 – Snorkeling again – saw fur seals, and many fish. Very calm clear and bright.
-7:00 – Cocktails, thank you to the crew. Dinner, settling tabs, dirty jokes and packing.

Some highlights of the day…

James Island

Sea crab

Walking sea shell...aka hermit crab

James Island

Galapagos Falcon..or is it an owl? - on Rabida Island

Rabida Island

Driving the Samba - with "Capitan Jose"

March 13 (Tuesday) – Seymour Island
-Up early at 5:30 and left the boat by 6:00 for a tour of the island. Saw many birds with big red neck sacks (Frigate birds). Saw the sunrise.
-Back to the boat around 7:15, then breakfast, packing and leaving the boat to the airport!
-Shopped and waited, then back in Quito at 2:30ish (Quito time).

A few highlights of the day…

Seymour Island

Blue-footed boobie - dancing around to try to impress a potential mate

Frigate birds - puff out their red sacks to attract the females

Seymour Island

Little sea lion hanging out on the rocks

Flight back to Quito

It was a wonderful trip! Our guide, Fausto Rodriguez, was an extremely knowledgeable guide and very professional – and a lot of fun too! Our crew on the Samba boat was amazing. They were all very organized and professional too, which made our trip exceptional. We would highly recommend Galapagos- a unique paradise!